Why I created my blog?

I created this blog for 4 reasons:

  • to express myself and to share my passion. When I’m in grade 10, we have an art class which focuses only in paintings. They say the best way to express our feelings is by means of art. But, I don’t know why no matter how many times I’ve tried to paint my thoughts and draw what I’m thinking, I just can’t express and emphasize it. So I asked myself, is there something missing? Is there something I lack of? And I started to watch videos in youtube about how to improve my art skills, “find what you want, then try to find what you need” maybe Im not good in painting but I know there are things that Im good at. Then finally I found this, a blog. I have given a chance to share what I like, so I can express myself and for others to express them selves and now, I am proud to say that “I have found what I want, and I am ready to help others to find what they need“.
  • To document my adventures and mis-adventures. There is no bad adventures, even you have lost your way or destination, or there is no signal so your travel appications won’t work, or let’s say you have lost your wallet is part of your good adventure. Sometimes it’s just how you see things.
  • it boosts my creativity.One of the reasons why I created my blog is for me to widen my knowledge in media, information and technology literacy. to document my adventures and mis adventures 

    • to provide budget travel tips  I don’t provide the cheapest destinations nor the cheapest way to travel, but instead I will share with you the most worth money places and the easiest way to reach it.

    And that’s how The Whip Traveler was born. 

    Thank you https://freetimeisfun.wordpress.com/ for the edit.

    Thanks for reading everyone.


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