“Mayon is the most beautiful mountain I have ever seen,

the world-renowned Fujiyama (Mt. Fuji) of Japan sinking

into perfect insignificance by comparison.”

—British traveler-writer A. Henry Savage Landor

Albay is located at Bicol region, in the eastern Philippines.

Along with English and Tagalog, people here speak their own

language called Bicol.  “Magayon” is the Bicol word for

“beautiful” and that’s where “Mayon” derived.

Since I was a kid, I had heard a lot of things about Albay

particularly “The Mayon Volcano”. It is the most active volcano

in the Philippines having erupted almost fifty times in the past

400 years. Mayon is well known around the world because of

its “symmetrical-coned shape” and that what makes filipinos


How to get Legazpi city from Manila

By Bus

There are several bus lines connect Metro Manila to Legazpi City

including Philtranco, Superlines, DLTB, Cagsawa Tours, Amihan,

and Isarog Line. Fare starts at P800 and travel time is approximately

9 to 10 hours.

By Train

Philippine National Railways’ used to service Albay Province with

their Bicol Express. The end terminal was in Legazpi City until the

service stopped in 2006 after the line incurred damages due to

typhoons. In 2011, the PNR Bicol express resumed its Bicol Express

service albeit only up to Naga City, Camarines Sur. Currently, PNR

service to Bicol is not operational.

By Air

Philippine Airlines and Cebu Pacific have regular flights from Manila

and Cebu to Legazpi City. Contact philippine airlines at

Tel No : (632) 777-5932

Fax Number : (632) 777-5928

and Cebu Pacific at

Manila Office:
Contact/Telephone Number: (02) 7020-888

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