Mayon Volcano 

Remember my post “Backpacking Albay?” Where you saw how magnificent the Mayon Volcano is. Very calm, beautiful, majestic, in short perfect. That’s the symmetrical volcano we love and adore. But look at it now, it becomes more aggressive. 

Mayon’s current status

Mayon remains at alert level 4, meaning an eruption is about to happen. It continues to release lava and ash ( also some super heated materials).

Peoples safety
Over 61,000 people are affected and forced to evacuate at 69 temporary shelters away from the danger zone . They are provided by food and other supplies, but the people’s concerns about their health and hygene is growing because of the possible respiratory illness cause by series of ash falls.

Source: / Reuters

As a Filipino, I hope for my kababayan’s safety. Kaya ingatan ang mga sarili, and don’t worry things will be back to normal. Again.


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