Pagudpud all day

This is it! Finally after a month I can post this “pagudpud travel diary” or should I say travel diarrhea.

January 25 after class, we go straight to the bus terminal where we rode bus bounded to Ilocos Sur. It’s fully airconditioned, with internet access and comfi seats, well that’s what we are expecting from Partas.

After 9 hours of land trip, we finally reached the central Barangay and we rent tricycle because the road is not that wide (it’s like good for 2 parallel tricycles). It takes only 20 minutes till we reached Sinait.

I am staying in my aunt’s house at Sinait because hotels are in Vigan, its quite far and also why do I check in a hotel while there is a free vacant room in my tita’s? Im just being practical here.
Fun fact: while the bus is in Vigan, Im feeling the “poof calls” so I talk to my self “you can do it Mj! We are almost there! Just an hour okay?” Luckily I made it!
On that afternoon we go to Pagudpud beach here in Ilocos Norte that is known as “Boracay of the North” because of its white sand.

Because it’s 2 o’clock in the afternoon , it’s so hot, I feel like I’m burning so I stayed in the Kubo to chill and to sing in a video oke (I’m a good singer! I wish).

Things to do in Pagudpud
Saud beach is by far the most visited and popular destination in Pagudpud. Saud is very dream like beach because of its fine white sand and blue Crystal clear water. It is lined with over hanging coconut palms creating a very relaxing scene.
You can surf and eat ilocano delicacies (seafood is life)
Plus the fact that it is not that well known around the world so there are not too many people in the beach.
No noise, no pollution. One of the best beaches here in the Philippines.

Travel tips

  • Dont forget to bring enough cash because there is no ATM near Pagudpud, you have to travel all the way to laoag just to withdraw money.
  • Because stop overs and stalls and pretty expensive, bring your own water or snacks.
  • Bring atleast 2 shirts because there is no mall near the beach.
  • Don’t forget your first aid kits!

The best time to visit Pagudpud
Just like any archipelago here in the Philippines, Pagudpud has a tropical climate so it makes December and january the best months to visit this beach.
Photos/ trover and pinterest
Thanks for reading every one! You are all amazingng.


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