1st Team Building

Join the movement. build your team. achieve the impossible.

The very first STEM team building happened this February 12 at the University of Makati Oval.
I am one of the facilitators of the team building so as early as 5:30 am I should be on the venue to prepare things up. Unfortunately, I forgot to alarm my phone so I ended up late, for like 30 minutes. No worries because the team building will start at exactly 7:30 am, I have plenty of time to prepare you see.

The Students are grouped into 25 teams, each teams have 20 members and there would be 2 team leaders per group. As a team leader myself, I have to make my team members comfortable with each other. We made some interactions and discussion. I let them to tell something about themselves (name, age, hobbies, grade and section, etc.).

There are 15 stations where teams will be fighting for a point. All the games are versus mode so the game will not start until two teams are to compete. Each stations will be given 10 minutes to conduct a game.

List of games:

Sac race, patintero, logical problems, math problems, jumping rope, crawling, basa-basa, queen gambit, etc.

Before the game started, each teams prepared yell and dance to be performed after the game. Of course the team that has the most beautiful and impact yell will win an extra points.

The winner is……. Team 19! (That’s not my team) but it’s fine, what important is we had a good time and tired, tired because we had fun.

Phases of my monday

University of Makati Oval

Uptown mall, Taguig
Faces of the Day

As a society we have to be organized, as an organization, we have to work as and act one.
Thanks for reading every one! You are all amazing.


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