A Week of Joy

HSU week was celebrated by the junior and senior highschool students, reuniting Academic strands and technical vocational strands on March 15, 2018. A week of enhancing social skills, building camaraderie and making friendship. 

We all have regular classes yet because of the morning mass we are excused. You can easily identify if a student is taking up techvoc or acads because of the color coding.

  • Green shirt (STEM) 
  • red shirt (HUMSS)
  • blue shirt (ABM)
  • White shirt (TechVoc)

The HSU week started by a parade of tracks and colleges. While the students are busy cheering their respective strands, the University of Makati employees are organizing the booths and the afternoon market where you can enjoy games, photo booths and foods.

Not our typical afternoon

After the parade, our energy was completely drained so we have to eat lauch and rest. When we feel recharged, we looked for some interesting booths and we found this:

The College of Maritime Leadership Innovation (well, this is where I enrolled).

We bought a ticket just only for 20 pesos, and it was worth buying for. In a single ticket, you can access the bar, marriage booth, their office, and you will be given a chance to try their facilities.

We spent our time touring, face painting, buying tickets for booths, and looking for some instagramable photos.

I don’t have much to post because we all know that final term examination is coming so goodluck every one! And good night.


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