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The Liebster Award

Hi everyone, it’s been one week since I have posted travel getaways here because I’ve been busy due to my studies, you know semester examination is coming and I have to work for our research paper but now, I am back (obviously) with an awesome news. My blog was nominated by  for “The Liebster Award“. It’s  been one month and a half since I’ve started blogging and to be nominated? Woah (I don’t know how to express my feeling right now) Thank you adaria.

Well, her blog was awesome, she’s showing a lot of photography, poems, sonnet that surely captivates your heart and your hypothalamus. If you haven’t visited her blog yet, then click the link above, power boost everyone.

Some of you may not know what The Liebster Award is. It is a tag for new and old bloggers who make interactions and good relations with other bloggers.

So what are the rules for the Liebster awards?

  • Acknowledge the blogger who nominated you.
  • Answer the question given by that blogger
  • Nominate other new or old blog/bloggers 
  • Ask the questions
  • And let them know that you nominated them

    • If you could transform into any one thing whenever you where in trouble, what would it be? 

      I would like to say a car but it would be more awesome if i say transformer (car do transforming you know). 

      • What’s one place that you’ve always wanted to travel to?

        It’s hard for me to choose only one place because there are many beautiful destinations, and if you love traveling for sure you wanted to visit all.

        • What type of music do you listen to most of the time?

        I often listen to OPM and POP. For those who are not familiar of OPM it is a short term for Original Pinoy Music. Filipinos have a lot to offer in music industry.

        • If you where given a day where you can do anything, what would it be?

        I will use my teleportation (this is anything) to travel every country with my family and friends. I want to show them how beautiful our planet is, and how joyful people from every nation are.

        • Who’s someone you’ve looked at, and always wanted to be like?

        My father, I guess every one idolizes the father.

        • What types of book do you prefer reding?

        I love reading fictional books (harry potter,percy jackson, etc.) because fictional book allows us to meet new settings.

        • What’s your go-to food?

          One of my comfort food is Ilocos empanada, it’s more likely a taco with a bright orange crust with vegies, beef, egg, and Ilocos longganisa. Well, it’s obvious that I’m a Ilocano.

          • You are presented with two potions. One which will make you a completely honest person upon drinking and one which will make all your previously told lies, true. Which one will you drink? 

          When someone gives you potions, it means it will be all yours. Then you have now a right to choose, if you will drink it or not. Well, for me it’s beter if I will not drink any of those two because I want to control myself, I don’t want to be controlled by any of that potions.

          • What’s your favorite thing to take pictures of? 

          It could be scenery and buildings. I don’t know why, but I always found myself smiling every time I take pictures of buildings and sunsets.

          • How old were you, when you started expressing thoughts through writing?

            I don’t remember how old I am when i started expressing my opinions through writing but I’m sure that when the moment I learned how to write my name, I do some thoughts writing.

            Finally the last question.

            • Cats or dog?

            I have a cat and dog, and they are friends. I don’t want to ruin their relationship haha just by picking who’s my favorite.

              These blogs are amazing, they all have slecific fields (sports, arts, travel, fitness etc.) So better check them out!

              Thanks for reading everyone. You’re all amazing! 


              Another quotation from my notebook!

              As a traveler, I don’t make conclusions about a particular place like “this is the most beautiful lake in the world” or “this is the most cleanest lagoon among all” 

              You know why?

              Because there is something incredible waiting to be discovered.

              Why I created my blog?

              I created this blog for 4 reasons:

              • to express myself and to share my passion. When I’m in grade 10, we have an art class which focuses only in paintings. They say the best way to express our feelings is by means of art. But, I don’t know why no matter how many times I’ve tried to paint my thoughts and draw what I’m thinking, I just can’t express and emphasize it. So I asked myself, is there something missing? Is there something I lack of? And I started to watch videos in youtube about how to improve my art skills, “find what you want, then try to find what you need” maybe Im not good in painting but I know there are things that Im good at. Then finally I found this, a blog. I have given a chance to share what I like, so I can express myself and for others to express them selves and now, I am proud to say that “I have found what I want, and I am ready to help others to find what they need“.
              • To document my adventures and mis-adventures. There is no bad adventures, even you have lost your way or destination, or there is no signal so your travel appications won’t work, or let’s say you have lost your wallet is part of your good adventure. Sometimes it’s just how you see things.
              • it boosts my creativity.One of the reasons why I created my blog is for me to widen my knowledge in media, information and technology literacy. to document my adventures and mis adventures 

                • to provide budget travel tips  I don’t provide the cheapest destinations nor the cheapest way to travel, but instead I will share with you the most worth money places and the easiest way to reach it.

                And that’s how The Whip Traveler was born. 

                Thank you for the edit.

                Thanks for reading everyone.

                Travel teller

                Every time we travel we gain experience and happiness. We learn how to share. 

                People who have experienced traveling, will give other people the learnings by telling a story. 

                What does travel mean to me?

                We travel with the same way but different reasons. Maybe you want to see new things, to explore, to meet peole and make friends with them, some is to eat delicacies, to discover places for you to be able to find yourself, but not for me (before). I travel because I want to, I don’t have any reasons why I travel. It’s pretty wierd that I am visiting different places without any goals, but I feel satisfaction, happiness, and love. That means even your mind is block, travel can touch your heart and soon your mind.

                Now, I know the reason why I am traveling. I travel to happy, to learn and to live.

                It teaches me to appreciate every thing that life gaves me and cherish it. I want to build a relationship to the destinations I have visited and places I will visit so that if it’s time to go back home, It will leave me in tears. I want for us to love nature, because thats what it deserves.

                Thank you for reading every one!

                -your travel buddy


                Bucket list


                Places and destinations I want to visit this holidays are :

                • Kapurpurawan rock formation- I had been to Ilocos Sur and Ilocos Norte but I did not manage to go in kapurpurawan and cape bojeador because I only have 3 days  to explore the whole Ilocos , Imagine that! I only have my 3 days weekend break from my class and that is not enough for me to explore ilocos Sur and Norte. But we will meet soon!
                • Boracay – a small island in central Philippines that is known for its white sand beaches, hotels and resorts. Unfortunately It’s to much for me because I cannot handle the expenses alone but who knows, there is someone who will treat me and buy me some tickets haha.
                • Hundred islands – feel the nature breeze.
                • Puerto princesa – personally I am a fan of boat riding ( I know you are too ) and if you want to feel being stuck inside a massive limestone then why not go with me. soon okay.
                • Siargao –  Ilove lagoons, beaches, surfing, seaside resorts in short I am craving to see Siargao. 

                We all have bucket lists, your top travel destinations, exploration, adventures, moments, scenery and achievement bucket lists. You know, it’s fun to share the things that you wanted to do. It’s fun to have list that you actively visits and crossing out the one that you have visited. Do you “agree” or “agree” ?

                I’m not showing you this to say ” I am a proud traveler ” instead I’m sharing this for you to know that there is always a limit, but it’s up to you if you will accept it as a limitation or you will break that bounderies and leave that limitation behind.

                Upcoming post : “What does travel mean to you?”

                Comment your bucket list here! (Atleast one of the things included in your list ) Thank you for reding everyone.

                QUICK TRIP TO ZAMBALES

                Nagsasa Cove in San Antonio, Zambales Philippines

                Related image

                Nagsasa Cove in San Antonio, Zambales, used to be rocky until the eruption
                of Mt. Pinatubo, which dumped tons of volcanic ash in many parts of the
                Nagsasa Cove is endowed with the same features as Anawangin: a
                beach of ash that absorbs heat faster than the usual sand; a blanket of agoho
                trees, a type of casuarina tree, often mistaken for pine trees; the azure sea
                teeming with life and color; and gently sloping hills framing the view.
                Tourists often come to Nagsasa Cove when there are too many of their kind in Anawangin. Well, if the word “overcrowded” bothers you, as is often the case
                with the latter, then Nagsasa Cove is the right place for you.


                Image result for nagsasa cove mapImage result for nagsasa cove map

                Nagsasa Cove in Zambales is one of the many unexploited treasures in the
                island of Luzon. Zambales is a province located in the Central Luzon region. It
                is bounded by Pangasinan to the north, Bataan to the south, Tarlac and
                Pampanga to the east and the South China Sea to the west. Nagsasa Cove, a
                mountain slope is the farthest cove bypassing Anawangin (another mountain
                slope) taking about 45 minutes travel time from Mt. Pundaquit via boat.
                Mt. Pundaquit is located in San Antonio, a second-class municipality in the
                province and is the meeting point of all travelers going to Nagsasa Cove,
                Anawangin Cove or Capones Island, all in Zambales. All three destinations are
                accessible via a boat ride from Pundaquit.

                History: Beauty From Destruction

                Related image

                In the 1980s, the mountain slopes around Nagsasa Cove were covered with
                tropical rainforest and inhabited by Aeta people, as they were for hundreds of
                years. The shoreline was mostly rocky, with short patches of beach here and
                there. Some distance beyond the shore (as indicated in old maps of the cove)
                was a rich coral reef, prolific with all kinds of fish and marine life. There was
                logging, but not on a large scale.

                On June 12, 1991, Mount Pinatubo started to erupt explosively, leading to
                massive ashfalls that covered a big number of towns in the Zambales-Tarlac-
                Pampanga-Bataan boundaries, including Nagsasa and the neighboring coves
                of Anawangin, Talisayin, and Silanguin.

                In the past twenty years since the Pinatubo eruption, the new beach at the
                cusp of the Nagsasa cove gradually became alive again. You can see this in
                pieces of sea grass, a scattering of small shells, strands of coral growing slowly
                on the seabed, tiny crustaceans that burrow holes and zip across the sand,
                occasional catches of fish and shellfish, and other signs of recovering marine

                Local Aetas

                Related image

                Tourist guides, mostly Aetas who travel around, are willingly to accompany
                visitors to to trek the hills and forests behind the cove or nearby mountains.

                Nature At Its Finest

                Image result for nagsasa beach sunsetRelated image

                There is really nothing much to do here except to take in Nagsasa’s beauty by
                walking along the shore, leisurely trekking around or up its hills, taking a dip
                in its clear, calm waters, or simply just savoring the view; there is no mobile
                signal here too. And these are what makes Nagsasa all the more appealing.

                The picturesque image of Nagsasa Cove is breathtakingly beautiful – from the
                crystal clear clear waters teeming with whirling fishes to the quiet and
                relaxing sunset view, giving you a close-to-nature feeling. The fact that
                Nagsasa cove has maintained its pristine condition is proof that the place
                although discovered by some, has not come to the point of being exploited. 

                Surreal Camping

                Related image

                There are no fancy accommodations, which mean that an overnight stay will
                see you camping out in a tent, under the bright stars and the moonlight. Devoid
                of the amenities usually found in other tourist destinations, Nagsasa Cove
                maintains its natural condition – bare, without electricity, without the urban
                frills. Must bring items to Nagsasa Cove are camping supplies, food, water,
                flashlights and lots of batteries. Mobile phones are practically useless as there
                is no network signal in the area.

                Calm and Undisturbed Beach

                Image result for calmed nagsasa beach

                The unfamous Nagsasa Cove will make your jaw drop in awe, with its clean
                beach and fascinating surroundings. It lets you get closer to nature like no
                other place can offer.

                The calmness of the beach makes you feel more like an in an isolated place.
                In addition to the lack of electricity and amenities offered in Nagsasa. Nature
                lovers would appreciate the virginity of the Island, in terms of tourists and
                natural condition.

                The simplicity of of Nagsasa will make anyone think that the cove a private
                resort but with lesser amenities. Its pristine silence of nature away from
                town beautifies it more.

                Golden Brown Mountains

                Related image

                Located in the southern part of the province, Nagsasa Cove is surrounded by
                beautiful mountains that one can trek from. The uphills are strangely golden
                brown, but gracefully compliments the Casuarina trees on the ground of the
                cove. Most tourists climb the mountain early morning to witness the sunrise.
                The breathtaking view warms your heart that makes it really fascinating.

                At night, lie down and look up at the night sky, far clearer and starrier, as
                Nagsasa’s darkness and lack of electricity make the stars shine brighter. If it
                is not cold outside, you can even sleep under the stars.

                Wild Horse Creek
                Image result for wild horse creek nagsasa beach

                “A river runs through it,” most visitors and travelogues would say. It’s more of
                a creek ending in shallow tidewater pools than a river, although further
                upstream are rapids and falls. In old maps, it’s called Wild Horse Creek.
                Follow its headwaters, and soon you’ll discover that there’s an alternative
                route by land between Nagsasa and the outside world: through a six-hour trek
                across the mountains via Cinco Picos, with the famed Subic Bay at the other

                There are no accommodations nearby Nagsasa but one can bring a tent or
                other camping materials. Bring also some food if you are going to have an
                overnight stay. You can also have a day trip in Nagsasa and have an overnight
                stay in Pundaquit or San Miguel where there are numerous hotels and
                restaurants. Take note that there is a camping fee for campers that costs
                around 150 pesos.

                Visitors will enjoy Nagsasa Cove the best when the waves are calm and
                undisturbed, from January to March. Summer months of April and May will
                see the cove swarmed with local and foreign guests looking for a refreshing
                way to escape the heat of summer.

                Manila to San Anronio, Zambales
                From Manila take a bus ride (Victory Liner, Pasay or Cubao Terminal) that will
                bound you to Iba Zambales. Get down
                to the Municipal Hall Of San Antonio. It will take 3.5-4 hours due to some bus
                Whereas, land travel via private vehicle will only take 3 hours.




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