The Liebster Award

Hi everyone, it’s been one week since I have posted travel getaways here because I’ve been busy due to my studies, you know semester examination is coming and I have to work for our research paper but now, I am back (obviously) with an awesome news. My blog was nominated by  for “The Liebster Award“. It’s  been one month and a half since I’ve started blogging and to be nominated? Woah (I don’t know how to express my feeling right now) Thank you adaria.

Well, her blog was awesome, she’s showing a lot of photography, poems, sonnet that surely captivates your heart and your hypothalamus. If you haven’t visited her blog yet, then click the link above, power boost everyone.

Some of you may not know what The Liebster Award is. It is a tag for new and old bloggers who make interactions and good relations with other bloggers.

So what are the rules for the Liebster awards?

  • Acknowledge the blogger who nominated you.
  • Answer the question given by that blogger
  • Nominate other new or old blog/bloggers 
  • Ask the questions
  • And let them know that you nominated them

    • If you could transform into any one thing whenever you where in trouble, what would it be? 

      I would like to say a car but it would be more awesome if i say transformer (car do transforming you know). 

      • What’s one place that you’ve always wanted to travel to?

        It’s hard for me to choose only one place because there are many beautiful destinations, and if you love traveling for sure you wanted to visit all.

        • What type of music do you listen to most of the time?

        I often listen to OPM and POP. For those who are not familiar of OPM it is a short term for Original Pinoy Music. Filipinos have a lot to offer in music industry.

        • If you where given a day where you can do anything, what would it be?

        I will use my teleportation (this is anything) to travel every country with my family and friends. I want to show them how beautiful our planet is, and how joyful people from every nation are.

        • Who’s someone you’ve looked at, and always wanted to be like?

        My father, I guess every one idolizes the father.

        • What types of book do you prefer reding?

        I love reading fictional books (harry potter,percy jackson, etc.) because fictional book allows us to meet new settings.

        • What’s your go-to food?

          One of my comfort food is Ilocos empanada, it’s more likely a taco with a bright orange crust with vegies, beef, egg, and Ilocos longganisa. Well, it’s obvious that I’m a Ilocano.

          • You are presented with two potions. One which will make you a completely honest person upon drinking and one which will make all your previously told lies, true. Which one will you drink? 

          When someone gives you potions, it means it will be all yours. Then you have now a right to choose, if you will drink it or not. Well, for me it’s beter if I will not drink any of those two because I want to control myself, I don’t want to be controlled by any of that potions.

          • What’s your favorite thing to take pictures of? 

          It could be scenery and buildings. I don’t know why, but I always found myself smiling every time I take pictures of buildings and sunsets.

          • How old were you, when you started expressing thoughts through writing?

            I don’t remember how old I am when i started expressing my opinions through writing but I’m sure that when the moment I learned how to write my name, I do some thoughts writing.

            Finally the last question.

            • Cats or dog?

            I have a cat and dog, and they are friends. I don’t want to ruin their relationship haha just by picking who’s my favorite.

              These blogs are amazing, they all have slecific fields (sports, arts, travel, fitness etc.) So better check them out!

              Thanks for reading everyone. You’re all amazing! 


              Travel teller

              Every time we travel we gain experience and happiness. We learn how to share. 

              People who have experienced traveling, will give other people the learnings by telling a story. 

              Why I created my blog?

              I created this blog for 4 reasons:

              • to express myself and to share my passion. When I’m in grade 10, we have an art class which focuses only in paintings. They say the best way to express our feelings is by means of art. But, I don’t know why no matter how many times I’ve tried to paint my thoughts and draw what I’m thinking, I just can’t express and emphasize it. So I asked myself, is there something missing? Is there something I lack of? And I started to watch videos in youtube about how to improve my art skills, “find what you want, then try to find what you need” maybe Im not good in painting but I know there are things that Im good at. Then finally I found this, a blog. I have given a chance to share what I like, so I can express myself and for others to express them selves and now, I am proud to say that “I have found what I want, and I am ready to help others to find what they need“.
              • To document my adventures and mis-adventures. There is no bad adventures, even you have lost your way or destination, or there is no signal so your travel appications won’t work, or let’s say you have lost your wallet is part of your good adventure. Sometimes it’s just how you see things.
              • it boosts my creativity.One of the reasons why I created my blog is for me to widen my knowledge in media, information and technology literacy. to document my adventures and mis adventures 

                • to provide budget travel tips  I don’t provide the cheapest destinations nor the cheapest way to travel, but instead I will share with you the most worth money places and the easiest way to reach it.

                And that’s how The Whip Traveler was born. 

                Thank you for the edit.

                Thanks for reading everyone.

                Afternoon in Cabangtalan beach, Philippines

                Image result for cabangtalan beach sunset
                Luxury is anything that feels special. I mean, it can be a moment,
                it can be a walk on the beach, it could be a kiss from your child,
                or it could be a beautiful picture frame, a special fragrance. I think
                luxury doesn’t necessarily have to mean expensive.
                -Aerin Lauder

                Yay, I can’t find any other way of opening this blog entry other than

                with that quote by Aerin Lauder a pinoy traveler.

                After a week of exploring Ilocos. My last day was spent in Sinait

                where Cabangtalan beach is located. I usually spent my day when I

                go home in my hometown. I visited many cities and towns but still

                there’s a difference, it can be the people, the experienced you

                encountered, or maybe the food they served.

                We headed to the beach shortly after lunch, after the vehicle service

                arrives. Like the other towns in Ilocos Sur and Norte, Sinait has its

                fair share of the coast.

                The good thing about it, is its not yet commercialized, sand was perfect,

                clear water and cottages. If you want to sing along there are video

                oke offered from the owner of the cottages or the people managing

                the mini stores. They also offers banana boat ride, jet ski and floating

                cottage only when its summer.


                There are no accommodations nearby Cabangtalan beach, but you

                can rest on the nipa huts and cottages near the light house. You can

                also bring your own tent for accommodation.

                note; cottages are for free to stay so make cleanliness a habit.

                How to reach Cabangtalan from Manila

                Ride Partas or Florida bus for a fast and direct travel. It will take 9-10 hours  to reach the Sinait town, and 10 to 15 mins to Cabangtalan beach resort.

                If you have a private service, you can go directly to Cabangtalan within 8 hours.

                KEEP SOARING

                Soar with you family and friends!

                To soar means morethan just to fly; It means to rise swiftly. To feel the wind slipping below you as you go higher and higher.

                Be like fire trapped in a vortex. Keep rising, swirling, soaring and have the eagerness to learn. Soon, you’ll be on your way up and you’ll be seeing great sights.

                Happy new year every one! Spread the love.

                BALUARTE, ILOCOS SUR

                One of the newest tourist destination in Vigan City, Ilocos Sur is

                Baluarte owned by governor Chavit Singson that is open for
                public. It is named after the spanish word meaning territory 
                or  fortress.

                Baluarte was once a rest house of Mr. Singson. However, having
                been elected as a political leader, people here in Ilocos often visit
                him. Some of these animals can roam free during the day
                and some perform for the visitors.

                I give it two thumbs up because of the low budget feels. Most of the
                travel destinations here in the Philippines are expensive so be
                thankful because Baluarte is open for free. Good thing for Ilocanos,
                Its about 10 minutes outside of the city of Vigan.

                What animals can be found in this zoo?

                They have deers, horses and pony (that is available for riding), deer,

                camels, parrots, peacock, ducks, midget chickens, ostrich, llama and

                buffalo. For caged animals they have some reptiles like iguanas, snakes,

                monitor lizards, crocodiles, pythons, and then the tigers (visitors can

                enter in the baby tiger’s cage) Other caged birds like – owls, eagles,

                and peacocks are also here in Baluarte. There’s also a butterfly farm
                inside the garden of Baluarte.

                Related image

                Image result for baluarte animals

                (photo by: Azrael Coladilla)

                Related image

                Image result for baluarte animals

                How to get to Baluarte:

                There are two travel options – ride the 8 hour bus from Manila to
                Ilocos Sur or ride the plane go Laoag City Airport in Ilocos Norte +
                1 1/2 land travel to Vigan.
                 Dominion Bus Lines and Partas will run you about 500-600

                Air: Flights are available from Seair direct from Manila
                 I estimate it will cost around 8000 pesos to hire a car and
                driver… but that would still take some negotiating.

                Next time you’re in Vigan City , drop by to Baluarte Zoo. 



                WAYS OF TRAVELING

                We all have different lifestyle, others have day jobs and some have none.
                We need travel to learn, to explore, to meet people and to
                have fun but
                does it fits our lifestyle? We have to admit that the style of full time
                travelers would not work for every one. However, we are also aware that
                there are many different types and ways to travel that works for you.

                Here are some travel types that maybe fits your ideal way of traveling. Related image

                1.  Solo Travel

                Try to travel all by yourself without any companion. That is were you learn

                the most.

                2. Travel with family

                Travel with our families can help us form or construct an idea of what we

                want – and don’t want – out of travel.

                3. The Weekend Break

                Due to your weekday jobs, you don’t have enough time to sleep and relax.

                But don’t  worry,  you can still travel by getting short weekend getaways.

                4. Travel with friends

                You should travel with your friends to know if your relationship is a good
                one. Grow up together!

                5. Backpacking

                You and Your bag are partners but choose to upgrade! choose backpack lol .

                6. The Group Tour

                you will be automatically thrown into the mix with a lot of people who share

                your interests and you will probably make some new friends. So Travelling

                with a group is another must-do.

                7. Visiting friends and relatives

                Some of us usually go for a vacation to see our love ones, maybe in provinces

                or abroad.

                8. Business Travel

                While you are busy engaging in partnership signing or bill paying. Why don’t you

                visit some tourist attraction when you have a time.

                9. Once-in-a-lifetime Adventure

                Check you bucket list and work for it. I promise, it will be memorable.

                ” Enjoy life. Make every minutes special and and every second unforgettable. ”
                -Mil Jude San Juan






                TAKING YOU TO BALER

                Travel tip: How to go to Baler Aurora from ManilaImage result for baler quezon

                Related image

                Related image

                Baler Aurora is known as the “birthplace of surfing in

                the Philippines” because of its long coast line exposed

                to the pacific ocean, it is famous of its frequently

                strong waves that are massive enough to give life to

                the people who are willing to ride it. Aurora province

                lie in Sierra Madre, and gifted with rocky

                and hilly terrains and landscapes that surely will

                catch any traveler’s heart.


                If you want a fully air-conditioned bus, with a route;

                Cubao (terminal) to Baler, contact GENESIS BUS at

                +63 2853 3115 / +63 2709 0803 / +63 2421 1422.

                Daily trips run from 3:00 AM to 7:30 AM with 7 hours

                travel for Php 550.

                Who wants an executive luxury trip via JOY BUS,

                reserve now! contact them at (02) 421-145 / (02) 709-

                0803 . They provides their passengers blankets, pillows,

                snacks and people who will assists with your needs for

                only Php 750.

                If you are unable to catch a bus that has a direct trip to Baler Aurora, then try to ride any bus that can drop you off to Cabanatuan, Nueva Ecija (terminal). From the Central terminal of Cabanatuan, you can ride buses or vans going to Baler directly.

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